We have been supporting stylists, designers and haute couture companies since 1985 by providing design and production services for the highest quality embroidery. We always guarantee impeccable results of the highest quality, speed and attention to detail as we perform special processes on any material, such as terry stitch, cornely, applying sequins and glass beads, and laser cutting.

Via D’ Acquisto Salvo, 2/2, 25030 Castrezzato BS
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Terry stitch, chain stitch, sequin,
cornely and laser embroidery

Innovative techniques for multisensory creations.

From soft and comfortable terry stitch to refined and evocative cornely, or from vibrant laser cutting to the multifaceted application of sequins, let yourself be conquered by the creativity of our embroidery. It is elegant, original, always suggestive, and now revisited with a contemporary note for a decidedly timeless style.


Research and development, expertise and dedication

Our specialisation in the luxury embroidery sector, long experience acquired in over thirty years of activity, continuous technological updating and professional training allow us to design and craft unique works, even highly complex ones, destined for the most important international haute couture and prêt-à-porter catwalks. We offer design solutions and state-of-the-art processing techniques from traditional embroideries to special creations according to specific needs and with the utmost respect for each customer’s requirements.
Thanks to the versatility and completeness of our machinery, as well as the experience of our production team and the sensitivity of our creators, we specialise in the production of terry stitch, chain stitch, sequin, cornely and laser embroideries of the highest quality and value.

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Attention to every detail, accurate production, excellent durability and great aesthetic impact are the fundamental elements that make all our creations stand out and make our embroideries true art forms. Our style department and workshop are always at the complete disposal of each customer to evaluate the most suitable techniques for each project together and carefully select materials and workmanship to make each garment unique and simply incomparable. We accompany designers in their choice of avant-garde designs, fabrics, yarns and appliqués, also creating unusual and precious mixes of different workmanships to amaze and fascinate. For over thirty years, Ricamificio Berardi has been a reference point for haute couture for the creation of fully customised terry stitch, chain stitch, sequin, cornely and laser embroidery made in Italy.



3D effect and extreme softness: for an embroidery with a strong aesthetic impact thanks to the complexity of the designs it lends itself to, adapting to different styles from the most traditional lines to contemporary design. We only use automated and up-to-date machines for our terry stitch and chain stitch embroideries to guarantee a very precise and clean result. Our long experience in the industry and in-depth knowledge of the best production techniques also allow us to combine different processes for an even more complex and spectacular result. We also offer striking combinations of terry stitch, chain stitch, sequin, cornely and laser embroidery, ideal for giving shape and dimension to exclusive mixes of tradition and modernity.



Brightness for every taste and occasion, from all-over sequin embroidery to the combined use of several techniques for a more discreet effect. We apply multi-format sequins, from 2 mm to 25 mm, with a central or side hole, according to the specific requirements of each project style. We use Twin devices to ensure excellent performance and high production speed. Our expertise acquired in over thirty years of activity in the sector, alongside prestigious international haute couture brands, allows us to create unparalleled terry stitch, chain stitch, sequin, cornely and laser embroideries, combining multiple techniques for a result of great impact and maximum value: true works of art in thread!



Elegant, visually striking, finely elaborated and sophisticated in design, cornely workmanship is often used in the world of haute couture as the ultimate expression of luxury and distinction. We use automated multi-head machines for our cornely embroideries and can also develop and produce the required weave from material supplied by the customer, thus achieving the perfect colour and material harmony for a final elegant tone-on-tone effect. Our in-house style department also actively collaborates with customers to transform every idea into unparalleled embroidery. Ricamificio Berardi is synonymous with quality, safety and the highest level of tailoring from creative design to research into fabrics, yarns and appliqué, or to the combination of different processing techniques for terry stitch, chain stitch, sequin, cornely and laser embroidery.



Cuts, perforations, engravings, application of the negative, customised designs: there are no limits to creativity for a modern and decisive result, made even more striking by a combination with other techniques, such as embroideries in terry stitch, chain stitch, sequins, cornely. We carry out laser cutting on all kinds of materials, such as traditional felt, leather, eco-leather, tulle, silk, denim and cellulose fibres.