We have been supporting stylists, designers and haute couture companies since 1985 by providing design and production services for the highest quality embroidery. We always guarantee impeccable results of the highest quality, speed and attention to detail as we perform special processes on any material, such as terry stitch, cornely, applying sequins and glass beads, and laser cutting.

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Ricamificio Berardi has been the partner of stylists, designers, and international haute couture and luxury prêt-à-porter companies for over thirty years designing and manufacturing of top quality embroideries under the banners of made in Italy and high tailoring.

We boast state-of-the-art and constantly renewed machinery, a team of highly specialised professionals, continuous training and attention to the latest production techniques and trends.

Ricamificio Berardi is an expression of high quality, compliance with current regulations, and technological innovation, without ever forgetting the craftsmanship that makes embroidery a true art.



The embroidery factory was founded on the Berardi family’s passion and know-how in the field of children’s clothing and it developed over the years through collaboration with knitwear factories in the fashion industry. Ricamificio Berardi has specialised in haute couture, providing high value-added services to the most well-known and established haute couture brands, since the early 2000s, when the second generation joined the company.


Design and production of embroidery and special processes for the luxury sector.

The embroidery factory’s specialised in-house design department supports each customer from the earliest stages. The embroidery style team proposes unique and distinctive solutions to transform every creative idea into a sumptuous embroidery design based on the sketch made by the designer.

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After listening carefully to the customer’s needs, the technical department develops the project and researches the different materials, fabrics, threads and possible application of sequins, studs or beads, in order to choose colour combinations and identify the most suitable processing techniques. The sample department makes small embroidered swatches to present to the customer with multiple solutions and develop the selected prototypes. Each prototype is further modified according to the customer’s specifications until the desired piece is achieved and the embroidery is put into production. At the Berardi embroidery factory showroom, we also have an extensive collection of embroideries of the highest quality: more than 5000 designs ranging from classic embroideries to the most modern pieces, which bear witness to our very high production standards and constitute a versatile and original sample of the technical and stylistic solutions available. In addition to decades of experience in the haute couture and luxury prêt-à-porter sector, stylists and designers from all over the world have already been able to appreciate our embroidery factory’s in-depth knowledge of technical requirements and creative awareness.

In order to offer finished products of the highest quality, safety and excellent performance over time, we only use certified and sustainable materials, and we carefully select the most suitable processes for each fabric with the aim of offering embroideries of great aesthetic impact without ever renouncing the comfort, softness and quality of an exquisitely tailored piece. We use heat dissolvable backing for all our embroideries, which guarantees softness and maximum cleanliness even on the reverse. Every detail is always designed and crafted with extreme care, resulting in special embroideries and workmanship that are not only fascinating and distinctive, but of unquestionable value. The very high standard of our production is also always ensured by our internal control procedures: each embroidery is scrupulously controlled at every stage of processing, from the arrival of the raw materials to the delivery to the customer. We ensure continuous, real-time monitoring of every production phase by using an organised and procedural production cycle, with computerised control of progress stages and processing of production and statistics.

Ricamificio Berardi has specialised in the production of all types of embroidery since 1985.

Our embroidery factory is able to carry out special, high quality work on any material using terry stitch, chain stitch, cornely, sequins, glass beads and laser cutting.

Made in Italy
Exclusive and refined style, utmost attention to detail, creative sensitivity and respect for each customer’s vision.

Our embroidery factory is the ideal partner for haute couture brands looking for a complete and reliable supplier for highly complex projects made entirely in Italy by specialised professionals.

We use heat dissolvable backing for all our embroideries to ensure an extremely soft and very clean result even on the reverse.

Speed and timeliness are guaranteed and we are able to develop projects within 24 hours in the case of any urgencies.