We have been supporting stylists, designers and haute couture companies since 1985 by providing design and production services for the highest quality embroidery. We always guarantee impeccable results of the highest quality, speed and attention to detail as we perform special processes on any material, such as terry stitch, cornely, applying sequins and glass beads, and laser cutting.

Via D’ Acquisto Salvo, 2/2, 25030 Castrezzato BS
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Haute couture embroidery

Founded in 1985 in Castrezzato, in the province of Brescia, Ricamificio Berardi was born from the passion of the family of the same name for the luxury and high quality clothing sector. Thanks to profitable collaborations with prestigious local and national knitwear manufacturers, Ricamificio Berardi expanded its activities to international catwalks after its initial activity in the field of young children’s fashion and therefore established itself as an embroidery factory for haute couture and luxury prêt-à-porter. With the entry of the second generation into the company in the early 2000s, the initial family-run management was maintained, but significant investments were made into research and development, professional training and technological updating. The company increasingly specialised in the world of haute couture, thus becoming a well-known and appreciated point of reference for stylists, designers and prestigious brands of international renown. Today, Ricamificio Berardi is a solid yet flexible and versatile structure, which is able to meet all stylistic and technical requirements to the best of its ability, guaranteeing impeccable production and a high added-value service as an haute couture embroidery factory. Our activities include: consultancy and design of prototypes and made-to-measure samples; production of top-quality embroidery for haute couture and luxury prêt-à-porter using different processing techniques, including combined techniques; and our availability of a large and versatile embroidery collection with over 5000 designs to inspire you. Our in-house technical department is a guarantee of the reliability, accuracy and Italian-made quality of our haute couture embroidery. Our team of experienced professionals is constantly at work researching new and exclusive solutions, carefully selecting trends, colours, materials and workmanship, and working directly with stylists and designers to turn every idea into flawless embroidery. Our ability to listen to customer requirements allows us to fully respect their style and creative vision, resulting in distinctive collections that flawlessly combine aesthetic beauty and production quality.

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We even do highly complex work with many techniques including traditional embroidery, terry stitch, chain stitch, precious cornely, appliqués and laser cutting. Our haute couture embroidery factory is able to carry out special processes for any type of material, mixing different techniques and technologies to obtain embroideries of irrefutable quality which are both classically inspired and in line with contemporary trends. All processing steps, from graphic design to delivery to the customer, take place exclusively in our in-house workshops and are carefully monitored and coded with a tracking system. The materials used are always certified in terms of quality, safety and sustainability. We favour the use of organic yarns with reduced synthetic content or yarns made from recycled synthetic components. We also use constantly updated machinery and equipment, and our design and production team is made up of experienced professionals specialised in the art of embroidery, who operate in full compliance with current industry safety regulations. Every detail is developed and crafted with care and passion for this ancient tradition. Every single stitch is meticulously controlled every step of the way, even using advanced techniques to ensure beauty, safety, comfort and absolute precision. The accuracy of our production, the versatility of our processing techniques and our ability to transform each customer’s ideas into fabric have enabled us to win the trust and appreciation of the main and best-known international stylists. They have been relying on Berardi as their haute couture embroidery factory for years, as we are able to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards, the agreed time frames and the assistance of a close-knit, professional team which is always available. Ricamificio Berardi is synonymous with total reliability and security in an industry such as haute couture, where the smallest detail makes all the difference and the pace can be hectic.